Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nail It ❤ Shellac Me!

I love manis.  I love pedis, but for the longest time I never tried shellac.  I didn't want to spend the extra dollars.  A girl at work was raving about shellac and I happened to be getting a manicure that evening so I decided to give it try since I was going to London the following week and it sounded like it would last through the trip.  And it did it.  My nail polish lasted through 8 days of traveling and back to the good 'ole USA.  The last time I got my nails done I got shellac again with my mom.  Nail polish will never stay on her nails, it just chips right off and her shellac manicure lasted for three weeks.  I just got my nails done just shy of a month and the polish still had barely chipped.  AMAZING.  This time I picked a shiny gold color.  I think it's a good neutral that will match anything. :)

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