Saturday, June 30, 2012

Red Box It ❤ Sherlock Holmes 2

This is so worth the Red Box price!  I never saw it in the theater and finally rented it.  I definitely missed a lot because we had dinner, I picked out an outfit and crocheted a bit... this is always my problem when I watch movies at home.  I'm too much of a multi-tasker.  But this movie was great.  If you loved the first one, you will love this one.  AND it reminded me of my lovely friend Lindsay who started my watching the BBC's Sherlock Holmes which is also AMAZING!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Spotted ❤ Charming Charlie

My friend Sarah had the most amazing purple rock ring which led to my discover of a new fabulous accessory store. Charming Charlie is a HUGE accessory store at the Streets of Tanasbourne. I'm sad to say it's been open since March and I had no clue. I am all about accessories do this is definitely my kind of store. It's a giant store. At least 3 times the size of other accessory stores and organized by color. Be warned--it's going to take a little while of you want to look at the entire store. It is packed to brim with relatively cheap and completely fabulous costume jewelry. It's definitely not Forever 21 cheap (I will often walk out of that store with an entire bag full of accessories for $20 something). I spent close to $40 at Charming Charlie for two rings and a bracelet. Also, keep in mind it's still cheap jewelry. I broke 2 necklaces in the store while I was trying them on. So it's not better quality even though it's not the least expensive jewelry. BUT they have selection! If you are looking for an accessory to match a particular outfit this is an awesome place to check it out. They have a big selection of rings and many of them are adjustable. They also have some unique items.

I love the jewelry with faux rocks!

And a stretchy faux rock ring... I totally copy catted my friend who got the ring in purple, which was all sold out.  This ring is a pretty indigo blue, it's not normally a color I would go for, but that's actually really nice because it's different and matches my jeans!
And this next ring was too pretty to pass up. I love the rich & dark gray color. I also like the shape and bold flower.
And sad day... the ring broke the first day I wore it, so it had to be returned.  I really liked it, but if it broke the first day it never would have lasted.

Furball Friday ❤ Here I come!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spotted ❤ Here comes the bride

My friend had her bridal shower and bachelorette on the same day. I think I did pretty well on a budget for the two parties!  My friend is getting married at the beach so the best find was the flip flops that spell out just married on the sand when you walk. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Odds & Ends ❤ Maxwell

Jessica Simpson tweeted a photo of her adorable baby Maxwell... (insert appropriate AWWWW) :)

Spotted ❤ Biscuits

There is a new Biscuits location in Bethany we decided to try out. It was less busy than the Beaverton location (score) and still super yummy. Biscuits is a local restaurant that specializes in breakfast (they also serve lunch). I had the chicken fried chicken with pancakes. Be sure to ask for some strawberry jam--it's delicious freezer jam.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

❤ Happy Birthday Miss Sarah

To my dear friend Sarah.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)  Here's to a fabulous year!!!

Pining For ❤ Candy Colored Pants

These adorable bright pants come in a variety of candy colors.  They are available for $39.50 at Torrid and come in this bright green, pink, purple or sky blue.  Who says your jeans have to be blue?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Odds & Ends ❤ Angelina Jolie is Maleficent

Looks like Angelina Jolie is going to make quite the Maleficent.  The Disney film is in production and currently slated for a March 2014 release.  The movie's storyline is all about the villain.  I don't know about you, but Maleficent was definitely the scariest villain in my childhood.  I still remember imagining seeing her down the hallway at night--it was quite spooky!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spotted ❤ Hopworks Urban Brewery

I went to this brewery for a Stanford alumni event.  It's called Hopworks and I'm sure it's a beer lovers dream.  (Organic beer?  Who knew.)  I was excited to see a Portabella sandwich on  the menu (one of my faves and pretty hard to find).  It was yummy!  And the fries were even better.  :)  Parking was annoying, I had to try three different parking lots before I found a spot.  There is a big parking lot though, it's just all the way around in the back and pretty well hidden.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Make & Take ❤ A family of owls

My old hairdresser wanted 3 owls in different sizes - small - medium - large.  It was pretty easy to make the white owl smaller, but it was more difficult to get a large and medium one.  They ended up pretty close in size.  I also ran out of the solid black eyes and JoAnn's didn't have anymore so I used the brown eyes.  I still prefer the solid black, but it's nice to have options!  I also found an great website to order the black safety eyes at a better price.  I just ordered the eyes and haven't received them yet, but the price is 1/4 of what they cost at JoAnn's even with shipping.  Check out and look under Bear Supplies/Eyes/Acrylic Eyes.  I bought the 15 mm black solid eyes in bulk to use for my owls.

Furball Friday ❤ A fluffy chanel

And Furball Friday is my friend DeeAnna's new kitty Chanel!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spotted ❤ A not so Golden Valley

I decided to go for the Alaskan Cod Fish & Chips. The menu said "the best fish & chips in Oregon" and menus don't lie, right?

To put it simply...

My brother said, "I don't think this place is going to make it."

My mom said, "Melissa would never eat this. The meat is the texture of gristle." (She had the beef brisket sandwich)

My sister-in-law said, "the sauce is bland" (on her pasta).

And yes... Menus do lie. Definitely not the best fish & chips in Oregon.  Sorry, Golden Valley!  Cute look, good service, but bad food.  (I don't drink beer, the beer could be good.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pining for ❤ Pink Betsey

This bright pink Betsey Johnson purse is so simple, yet so cute!  I love that color.  It retails for $98.  (But I know if you watch, it'll probably go on sale) 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pining for ❤ Polka Dots

I think this Polka Dot blazer is adorable!  And it has the potential to look even better in person that it does online.  It's $29.80 at Forever 21.  Do you need some more polka dots in your life?  It can definitely take you to the office.

Spotted ❤ A Cottey Event

I got the chance to attend a wonderful presentation by Cottey College's president Dr. Judy Rogers.  It was a lovely event with some amazing women at a beautiful historical home in Portland, OR.  I attended Cottey College in Nevada, MO and graduated in 2003.  It's a two year women's college (soon to be offering select bachelor degrees).

Here are some of photos of the beautiful home 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Bachelorette ❤ Not Speaking with the Grandparents

My friend and fellow Bachelorette junkie sent me a link to this article.  It's pretty interesting... apparently Ricki's grandparents are none to pleased about Emily's season of The Bachelorette.  The story below reports that Emily and the grandparents are no longer speaking.  DRAMA... but true love is worth it, right? ;)

Uh-oh ❤ Scary Stripes

Um..... no!  These pants are crazy, but not in a good way.  On the positive side, if you happen to like these pants they are only $10.99 on Forever 21.

Yum ❤ Egg Drop Soup

I'm so proud!  I made egg drop soup.  It was delicious and so easy.  I added the optional green onions and mushrooms.  You literally just follow a few simple directions on the egg drop soup mix that you can purchase at the grocery store in the Asian soup section.  It turned out really well and only has 30 calories a serving! :)

Spotted ❤ Henry's Tavern

I've never had a meal at the restaurant side of Henry's. I've been to the bar several times and I absolutely loved it. The atmosphere was great (really busy) and the happy hour quite excellent. But this time we had dinner. I tried the Brew House Club Sandwich. I loved the melted cheese on top of the sandwich. And the Gorgonzola fries were of course AMAZING.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spotted ❤ Strawberry Festival

We went to the Dixie Mountain Grange Strawberry Festival. It was yummy as always. We went on Saturday and it was definitely less than busy then on Sunday. They also have a lot of cute booths outside to do some shopping. You still have time to make it tomorrow. :)

The Small

Check it Out ❤ Dixie Mountain Grange Strawberry Festival

The Dixie Mountain Grange Strawberry Festival is this weekend only and is absolutely delicious!  Fresh strawberries and homemade biscuits and whip cream... seriously amazing.  It's from 11 am to 5 pm today and tomorrow!

23455 NW Dixie Mt. Rd.
North Plains, OR 97133

Spotted ❤ A dress party

My friend Julie had a dress fitting party to show off her wedding dress. My first ever! I think it was a great idea. It was super fun and we got to see her gorgeous dress. We had pizza and cake decorated with her wedding colors and watched wedding comedies.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Spotted ❤ Bugatti's

Work gossip & happy hour? The perfect end to a hard day of work. :)  Bugatti's has a yummy Margherita pizza on the happy hour menu. It's $5 and more than enough for dinner or to share.

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