Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Curve ♥ Spring Flowers

Photos by Sarah

♥Black Shrug - Torrid
♥Lace top - Macys
♥Knit Pencil Skirt - Old Navy
♥Black Wedges - Earthies

Spring has arrived in Oregon!  It was absolutely gorgeous yesterday here in Portland, OR.  It was perfect for my friend's wedding.  It was Julie's big day and no one deserved a perfect day more than her.  And I just loved that my outfit ended up coordinating with this gorgeous tree!
 Happy Easter Honeybees!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Curve ♥ Dark Golden

Photos by Warren

♥Dark Gold Metallic Dress from Forever 21
♥Gold Metallic Sandals by dolce vita

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

At the Cinema ♥ The Call

Halle Berry... I don't think we've seen enough of you lately!  You were great in The Call.  This thriller was about a 911 operator who was involved in a call that changed lives.
Abigail Breslin was quite convincing as the teenage girl who ends up kidnapped by a serial killer.
And SURPRISE David Otunga, Jennifer Hudson's hubby, was also in the film.  He did so-so.  It seemed a little fake.  There were also a few scenes at the beginning of the movie were cheesy, but once you got past that it was an engaging and interesting thriller.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Epic Fail

On the blogging thing as of late... HOWEVER... I do have a good excuse!  I got a new job. :)  I do have a request... Please click on the link below and then click on the heart.  I want to get in People magazine's most beautiful issue (life long dream fulfilled?).

You don't have to sign up for anything... it literally takes two mouse clicks.  One to click the link and one to click the heart to give me a fave!  Thanks honeybees!!! :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

On the Tube ♥ We are Never Ever Getting Back Together

I love how hilarious and over exaggerated everything is on Hart of Dixie.  The opening scene of this episode is the perfect example and it's played perfectly by Rachel Bilson.  She is just adorable!  Her room is strewn with empty ice cream containers and littered with candy.  It's awesome.
A friend even gives Zoe a pin cushion Wade.  Zoe ripped Wade's head off.  Hilarious!  Even though I am completely bummed about Zoe & Wade, it's so funny seeing Zoe go through a breakup.  She is sad, then angry... and all so Zoe while doing so.  In the end, Zoe lets Wade know that while she doesn't like him, she doesn't hate him.  And it looks like Zoe will be hooking up with a hot new doctor in town next...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

At the Cinema ♥ Oz the Great and Powerful

Disney does it again!  This movie is amazing, it's everything you want it to be!  I would highly recommend you spend the few extra dollars to see it in 3D.  They did great job with the usage of the 3D visuals.  Some of the flower petals appear right out in front of you and are just incredible.  This movie is definitely a different take on the story of Oz, but I was expecting that... I haven't wrote a blog on it yet, but I actually was at the taping of a James Franco interview for Conan (with Warren).  This was an incredible movie--the best movie I've seen in quite a while!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

XFactor Auditions in LA 2013 ♥♥♥

XFactor Auditions in LA ♥♥♥
It's that time again... spring means XFactor audition time.  My friends and I went to LA for some vaca time and of course to audition for XFactor.  My fellow blogger Warren also tried out.

2013 XFactor auditions

Los Angeles, CA, March 6
Registration March 4-5

Charleston, SC,  March 19
Registration March 17-18

New Orleans, LA, April 14
Registration April 12-13

Long Island, NY, April 25
Registration April 23-24

Denver, CO, May 14
Registration May 12-13

We went to the first audition in LA because it was the closest and there are lots of fun things to do in LA and see.  

You could say this is not my first rodeo... I've been to a few of these auditions so for those 
of you planning to go to one of the other auditions, keep reading.

What was different?   
The main difference I noticed in this audition versus past years was that there were Sony Music execs sitting in on the XFactor auditions.  I felt like I was being grilled a bit about my music career.  They wanted to know what I was doing right now to pursue a music career... was I in a band, singing at gigs at coffee shops, etc.  This didn't go so great for me because I pretty much just sing a lot of karaoke.  I have a real world job also.  I tried to sell the whole XFactor is such a great show because it gives you the chance to anyone to pursue a singing career.  I think this might have worked better with a straight show producer instead of a Sony exec.  My friends also got asked music specific questions: Where are you right now in your music career?  How is music a part of your everyday life?

They also told us we would be auditioning in front of a Sony Music exec and producer.  I did audition in front of two people and it was very clear the Song music exec was making the call.  My friend was quite surprised, though, when he had to audition in front of 4 people!  So no two auditions are going to be exactly alike... but I think XFactor is definitely focusing more on the music this year (in the past, I think it's a lot of what will be interesting for TV).

I sung Sugarland's Stay acapella... the last verse and chorus and while I can see definite improvement in my performances at these auditions, I don't know if I'll ever make it even though I would love to!  I could still do an online audition too, so I might try that.

Everything else at the audition was pretty much the same as all the others.  It's always good to show up early on bracelet day because you audition based on your ticket that you receive on bracelet day.  We showed up at 2:30 am on Monday for bracelet day.  We agreed this was a little bit early because they didn't let us line up and actually asked us to leave because they said it wasn't safe and they could liable if something happened to us while we were waiting.  Different people kept telling us you can't line up until 8 am... then you can't line up until 6 am.  I knew this wasn't true because I've been to enough of these auditions to know that you have line up early!  We did finally get to line up at 4 am and were pretty close to the front (although, we would have been closer if they allowed us to line up earlier.)  It totally worked out in the end though because we were in the first group to audition on audition day.  Literally, I was the third person in the first group!

We showed up too late on actual audition day to be in any of the group shots.  I made cute signs, but they are not going to see the airwaves.  I also had a blinged-out outfit with XFactor across the chest and Melissa on the pants.  I was hoping a more interesting look would help me get past that first round, but no-go.  It needed to be crazier!  I still love my pants though and I will totally rock them again.

One other random tid-bit I heard through awesome blogger Warren is that on the 3rd round of The Voice audition they give you a list of 50 songs and you have to pick a song off the list to sing.  And the trick?  You only have 45 minutes to learn the song.  So unless you already know a song on the list or are AMAZINGLY fast at learning a new song, you could be outta luck.  I think it would be best to have a whole bunch of songs under your belt that you could sing to get past that round.  The source also said it's a similar process for XFactor.

GOOD LUCK if you plan to try out for XFactor this year!  Let me know if you make it and how it goes. :) XOXO honeybees!

2:30 am is when it started...
I'm gonna say this was not set up well... we could definitely have had a better set up for getting bracelets and tickets.  There was no where for the crowd to exit.  There are only a few people in this photo because it was the handicapped peeps getting their bracelets/tickets first.

Monday, March 4, 2013

West Coast Travels ♥ LA Trip

My first time at the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM!!!
Red Velvet Sprinkles Cupcake = Perfection
Jackie & me at Sprinkles
We also had a delish luncheon at Neiman-Marcus.
No trip to Cali is complete without a trip to Disneyland!  This time we went to the California Adventure park.
We had a super fun dinner at Ariel's Grotto.
Breakfast at the Roosevelt Hotel

I'm back in LA so I wanted to get my blog post posted for my last visit... procrastinator, much? :)

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