Saturday, August 31, 2013

Oh my goodness gracious, it's almost September!

Hello Honeybees!

I hope you had an excellent week.  This week went by crazy fast for me.  I'm not really sure why except maybe cause I was kind of exhausted from going to the beach last week.  Does that make any sense?  Probably not.

But YAY for more weekends.

Well I guess the first exciting thing is that I had an Etsy sale!  WOOOHOO.  I sold a little yoda that I made to a fellow PDX etsy seller Meg.

You would be surprised (or maybe it's just me) how hard it is to get sales on Etsy. I do pretty well at bazaars and craft shows where people can see and touch the product, but online sales are a lot trickier!  It's a way bigger marketplace.  However, I've started attending some Etsy events with Sarah so I'm definitely learning.

The PDX Etsy event was held at a very cool little place called the White Owl Social Club.  I would say I DID NOT fit in with my pink blazer.  It was a very cool crowd.  A lot of black.  A lot of tattoos.  Sometimes I feel very "unPortland" and I wonder where my crowd is... definitely not here.  But they have a super cute back patio (HUGE patio) and yummy food with vegan options!

I had the sliders.  I love cute things.  Including little burgers.  They were tasty!  And the fries were yummy too.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Get a little R&R.  I don't believe we do quite enough of that in our crazy busy lives filled with all sorts of other stuff!

Treat of the Day

You are going to LOVE this puppy roll video.  It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.  And I want a puppy again.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Long Beach, WA weekend summer trips!

I had an amazing time this weekend in Long Beach, WA.  It was a gorgeous drive and great little getaway.  I also got to see my childhood friend Theresa and her husband Jeremy, plus her cute puppers.  I decided to take a cue from scathingly brilliant and do my post with only instagram photos!

How was your weekend?  Any fun getaways or anything you're planning?  I hope you have a relaxing Sunday eve and good week.  I have a presentation tomorrow at work, wish me luck! :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Julie

It was Julie's Birthday so we went out to celebrate at the Portland City Grill.  And we go to see Warren's turquoise hair in person!  Manic panic dye, in case anyone wants to follow his blue footsteps.

I just love a whole lotta black and a long maxi dress!

At Portland City Grill's happy hour, I tried the spring rolls. WARNING.  These are not the crispy fried spring rolls you might expect.  They are healthy spring rolls a lot more like salad rolls.  But they were super yummy, just don't expect the run-of-the-mill spring rolls when ordering from Portland City Grill.  And the Crème brûlée was divine!

I made Julie a resin pendant with a picture from her wedding.  The perfect way to use my resin skills.  (I've been making lots of pendants for my bazaars!  100 to be exact, although, a number of those have been faulty... resin can be a little tricky!)
I hope you have a great Saturday and wonderful weekend.  What are you up to this weekend?  I'm going to the beach beach (cue Nicki Minaj music).  It's going to be interesting because there's a huge race here and all these hood-to-coast runners are going to be running to the coast so I'm going to go out the way to avoid that traffic.  Hopefully, I'm successful. :)  And I better get going... I would just rather sleep in for a couple more hours, but I have a 3 hour drive ahead of me :/

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Olympus has fallen

I'm not sure quite what to say... this is a horrible movie.  I really can't take Aaron Eckhart seriously as President.  Even the fabulous Morgan Freeman couldn't save this film.  It was just so fake.  I got it at Red Box, but it wasn't even worth the $1.20.  Sad.

But today was a fabulous Sunday.  I got to have some sun time with Julie and did a bunch of crafting.  Resin pendants will be coming to a bazaar near you (well if you live near PDX).

I hope you had a great weekend.  It's almost Monday.  I hope it's a good one for you & me too!  XOXO

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Host, Admission & Yoda

It was a Red Box movie Saturday complete with a new crochet project: YODA.
Yes, yoda took a full 2 movies plus some.  Little yoda took 4 hours!  I rented a couple movies from the Red Box to pass the time.
I actually wanted to see this movie a long time ago so I was happy to see it as an option at the Red Box.  I had a couple of friends who read the book by Stephenie Meyer and were not fans, we'll say...  And the movie was a little weird.  You see how the "host" or alien is at odds with the human Melanie.  It's a little bizarre, but I appreciate a good ending.
Admission was a super cute, funny little film.  It tried to be more than just a comedy, which was nice.  Overall, it was a good storyline and not nearly as strange as The Host.  For some reason, I still found The Host more interesting.  But my guess is that Admission would appeal more to most!

Happy weekend Honeybees!  I hope it's treating you well. :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Metal necklaces, crocheting & sweets

Fellow blogger Rachel clued me in to some awesome craft classes at Collage.  I did the $10 Tuesday class and created 2 gorgeous necklaces -- one in silver and the other in copper.  It was super fun and I would highly recommend checking out Collage's class schedule.  They have a lot of reasonably priced classes and we all know crafting is good for the soul.

The materials

Wearing my hammered metal necklace 

I've been pretty crafty recently.  I'm getting ready for holiday bazaar season because this year I'm doing America's Largest Christmas Bazaar at the Expo Center.  It's my first really BIG bazaar and I'm pretty excited (maybe slightly freaked out...I have a lot to get done before then).

Cute crochet cupcake

And it's a little cupcake scarf!  LOVE.  This thing is seriously adorable.  You can get one for fall in my etsy shop.

Wooden buttons for crochet headbands!

Sometimes a little girl time & chocolate is all you need.  Julie and I hit up Moonstruck Chocolate.  I got the most amazing PB chocolate shake.  I'm sure it has about a zillion calories, but it was delish.

Sticking with the drink theme...
We have the new sparkling water at work, I'm pretty much obsessed!  So yummy (and supposedly good for you, no calories baby and lots of "good" stuff)
 Southwest theme card class (string art... I have to admit I was a natural)
 A resin mermaid ring, finally starting doing some resin again (bazaar prep - check)
It's been way too long since we had a furball friday, but this little pug is the perfect pup to bring them back!

The Local Flavor Swap

My high school buddy Rachel clued me into the awesome local flavor swap!  I was partnered up with Minnie.  Now I just need to figure out what to put in the box to represent PDX.  I'll see what I can figure out this weekend. 

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