Sunday, May 25, 2014

Rock that smile

I took a workshop put on by Portland Bloggers where we worked with some amazing photographers like Marge Jacobsen on our photography skills (or lack their of).  I LOVE this glam, rock n' roll smiley necklace that I photographed on Sarah from Favery.  Easily my favorite photo from the entire event. :)  Look closely and you'll see the emoji faces on the yellow beads.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Just a tote

I took a sewing class and created this fun tote in a few hours.  The class was held at PDX's Modern Domestic.  I would highly recommend their classes.  I've taken 2 classes and the instructors have both been wonderful.  And the sewing machines!  You sew on these amazing Bernina sewing machines that Modern Domestic sells.  Admittedly, they are kind of awesome and have all kinds of cool features to make your sewing even and perfect-looking.

My tote is made out of a black and white home decor fabric lined with a bright blue duck cloth (just like my cardigan).  It was a fun project and I'm hoping to do some more sewing.

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