Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Make It Up ❤ L'oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara

I decided to try this mascara on the recommendation of the fabulous make-up blogger Kandee.  She said it was one of her drug store favorites.  I also read a lot of positive reviews online.  A long time ago, I used a similar mascara with a primer that you use before applying the black mascara.  
The primer definitely seemed to help my wimpy lashes.  The two step process makes putting on your mascara more of a production (i.e. might not be the best when you are running out the door in five minutes).  I put on two coats of the primer and let it completely dry (based on the recommendations of other reviewers who said if you don’t let it dry completely it can get mixed up with the mascara and make the mascara clumpy.)  
Then I put on a generous two coats of the black mascara.  A lot of online reviewers said this mascara did not smudge.  I always use mascara on my bottom lashes and do find that it often smudges below my eye (typically during application).  This mascara did not do that, which is a very nice feature and quite impressive. It does a pretty good job lengthening.  It uses the beauty tube technology so essentially the mascara is designed to attach tiny tubes to your eye lashes that make the lashes longer.  I think it did make my eye lashes a little longer.  It doesn’t do much volume wise which I think is the main area the mascara is lacking (and probably the main thing my sad little eyelashes are missing also).  The mascara is also supposed to come off easier with water and slight rubbing, but it did not seem to come off easier to me.
I still ended up adding some fake eyelashes Andrea Mod 33
♥♥= in like, but it won’t be a favorite

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