Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mizchevous Mondays: I'd rather...

Also, use the coupon code CUPID anytime through February 14 on my Etsy store for a 10% discount!

Have a fabulous week honeybees!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

ROLO & Stanford alumni night Blazers Game

Cheering.  Blazers.  PDX fun. ROLO.

Last night was Stanford Alumni night at the Blazers game in Portland, OR.  My friend Marie and I headed to the game, after some parking issues we made it to the game on time, but missed the pre-game happy hour.  So we got some delicious and huge sandwiches from Bridgetown something (I would recommend!)... and watched the game.  It was tons-o-fun per usual and Marie and I both agree MO WILLIAMS is one of our favorite players.  We want to figure out how we can go to an alumni event for some school and meet him!  Any tips, let me know!  Oh, and I almost forgot we won!  YAY.

My other fave is Robin Lopez, mostly because he went to Stanford too and let's keep it real, he has awesome hair.  After the game, we had a very PR heavy Q&A session with Robin.  He was super nice and awesome.  But we only got a group photo... that should be coming at some point.  No individual photos, better luck next time?  Maybe I will just bump into him at Powells?  Apparently, there is a video on the Blazers site you can check out with a tour of Powells.

Here is a photo of my new red MAC Rhianna Viva Glam lip look!  It was perfect for the game and a blog post with my review of the lipstick and lip gloss will be coming soon.

XOXO honeybees!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Chaotic Goddess Swaps: 12 Days of Christmas

My first official blogger swap: the 12 days of Christmas.  Who doesn't love a bunch of little presents, 12 to be exact?  (Certainly this girl loves a little gift now and then!) I was paired with Rambunctious Rose, a fabulous gal in Texas.  Please check out her blog and her post about our swap too!

I was floored by my awesome little Christmas presents.  Not only was it festive and creative, the items were useful and fun!  Thanks Rambunctious Rose.

If you are interested in signing up for feature swaps, go here!  I would highly recommend it.  The swap was well-organized and a great way to meet another blogger.

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