Saturday, March 22, 2014

New hair do & Trail Blazers

It was time for some fresh color, but after watching (and loving) what my stylist did to my hair the last couple of times - I decided to try to color my hair myself!  She did a section of dark red a couple of inches wide at the my hairline.  She also did the back, the half closer to the ends in a dark purple.  And the crown section of my hair was still my natural dark brown hair color.  I really loved this multi-toned violets look.  I always wanted purple hair and this way I got it.  But it was so subtle, it was still OK for the office and work.  (Plus, red and purple fade SUPER fast.  I don't think there is much you can do about that.  It's part of the reason I wanted to see if I could get the same effect myself.  I want to keep it up, but trips to a colorist can be quite spendy.)

My first step was picking out the dark red and purple dye.  (My colorist had also used a dark brown, but I figured it would be complicated enough trying to do 2 different hair dyes myself and I was right.  It was super messy!)
After reading some reviews online and being very limited when it comes to purple hair dye, I found these 2 hair dyes.  I LOVED Garnier Nutrisse Nourshing Color Creme Intense Red for Naturally Dark Hair, Medium Intense Auburn.  It looks a little violet too, which I love and is really intense.  Actually compared to the professional color, it's holding up even better.  How cool is that for $6?

I put my hair - just like you are putting your hair half up and dyed the bottom part with Vidal Sasson Deep Velvet Violet.  If you have super dark brown hair like me, the dye does not perform like it suggests on the box.  The purple is a lot subtler.  But I was expecting that and it's definitely a color you can pull off in the office.  Nobody is going to look at your hair and think it's purple.  It's that subtle.  I also wanted a bit of purple framing my face so I used a little by my face too on the sides by my ears.

Next up was the red.  I sectioned off a couple of inches by my hairline and dyed it with the red color.  It even smelled fruity!  It was super messy, but when I was all finished I had a similar look to what my colorist did for only $16.  Just to be clear I don't plan on cutting, lighting or highlighting my own hair... but this I would definitely do again.
I got to show off my new hair do at the Trail Blazers game.  It was an intense game, but super fun.  Shout out to my favorite players ROLO and MO.  And we were finally in a section that won yummy popcorn!  Rachel was there too.  Oh, and we won.  Go BLAZERS!
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