Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hair Do ♥ Color Me Ribbons

This is not my hair, I have no idea who's hair this is... but isn't it amazing?  I wish I had played more with color back before I was an adult and couldn't dye my hair fun colors.  I guess we just need to all be rock stars and we can dye our hair whatever color we want! ;)  Or I guess when I'm an old lady, I will finally have purple hair. :)

Right now, I'm trying to grow out my hair a bit.  I'm not sure how long I'll get it... it will probably still be pretty short.  But I would love to be able to put it up with out tons of short little hairs that will not fit into my pathetic little pony tails (I already have a lot of progress in this area).  This weekend I saw a girl who had her hair on the top of head and it looked like a peacock.  I absolutely loved it.  If I ever get hair that long again (this may never happen) I'm totally wearing it on top of my head like a peacock.

I also am on the hunt for a way to wear my very short hair up for work that looks some what professional.  All I can really do is just put it in a tiny pony tail because of it's length... so I'm thinking maybe if I get a few cute barrettes or something it might look a little classier?

What is your favorite hair do?  Have you ever dyed you hair any crazy colors? 

This was the boldest I got when I was very bored and ready for something new...
Unfortunately, that red fades fast... but it was definitely a fun change by my fabulous stylist Yen.

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