Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NW Travels ♥ Keith Sweats it Out

Warren, Holly and I took a little trip to see Keith Sweat at the Spirit Mountain Casino.  (Julie was supposed to come, but her man was really sick.)  It was a fabulous night and pure entertainment!  The concerts at Spirit Mountain also tend to have a great price point.  There are a lot of shows I would like to see, but by the time I find out about it... the tickets are already sold out.  So you have to keep an eye on upcoming shows and buy them quick!
The audience was as much fun to watch as the show!  We saw patchwork jeans from the 90s, sparkly leggings, belly shirts, dancing cowgirls and full length fur coats.  It was cray cray.  Warren had a brilliant quote, which I now cannot remember but trust me it was a hilarious night.  When Keith Sweat invited some people up on stage, things got so complicated that he was unable to perform his song (again hilarious).  He did an awesome job working the crowd.
Keith Sweat also plugged his new website True Love Meets.  Keith Sweat personally promised to screen the men... so single ladies, there you go!
And in case you need a refresher... watch Keith Sweat's Twisted!  If he comes back to town again, I'm so there.


  1. Haha... True Love Meets! That concert was quite an experience


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