Wednesday, October 31, 2012

News to Use ♥

This isn't really news, but it's amusing nonetheless!  Nothing like some horrifying dates to get you in the Halloween spirit.

He made her blood run cold“A friend of a friend called me for a date, and we agreed to go for a walk. Things were going well, until he mentioned that he was a member of a secret church in which the only women allowed were ‘goddesses.’ He started talking about vampirism but was elusive about his own vampire status, saying ‘Real vampires never say they’re vampires.’ Needless to say, the date ended really quickly after that!”
— Heather M.*, Newark, DE

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♥ Happy Halloween

♥ Happy Halloween

I had to wear my Happy Halloween Kitty tee!!!

♥ Happy Halloween!!!

♥ Happy Halloween

 We went to the 80s Video Dance Attack Halloween Party at the Crystal Ballroom

Warren went as himself in his fave, a cardigan
Julie did the 80s and Kevin was Mr. T!
I made use of my greek goddess outfit again with new accessories!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bookends ♥ Vampire Academy

I absolutely loved the first book in the Vampire Academy series.  My friend Theresa bought me the entire set (at least the first five books) for Christmas.  I'm finally just reading the first one (sad, I know) and it was AWESOME... such a great read.  Vampires, hormones and a hidden world of guardians and royalty... whats not to love?  Also, a bit of the book is set in Portland, Oregon.  (hometown shout out!)  I also love this even though it's a very minor part of the book.  I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a light, fun and highly entertaining read.  I can't wait to start the next one tomorrow.  ♥♥♥

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nail It ♥ Coming up hearts

I asked for a little black heart on my toe.  I had no idea how difficult this would be.  I felt bad the lady was working on the little hearts on my big toes for so long, but this one turned out pretty cute.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

Make & Take ♥ Button Ring

This is a variation on the wire wrap bead ring.  It's the same idea except with a shank button.  It works wonderfully!  The shank on the back of the button is perfect for creating a wire wrap ring.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Make it Up ♥ Ardell's Wildlash

I love these eyelashes!  They are from Ardell's Wildlash A Roaring Collection.  I believe it's a collection for Halloween, but I think you could wear them anytime you wanted to do something over the top.  They are made of tiny blue and green feathers.  They are huge and dramatic and yet so comfortable because they are so light. A++++ for Ardell :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On the Tube ♥ Keeping it casual on the Hart of Dixie

At the beginning of the episode a confident Zoe said she loved keeping things casual with Wade.  She was having fun without any strings and it was perfect.  But when Zoe saw a hot blonde heading into Wade’s apartment, Zoe quickly changed her tune.  Jealousy!  It's an amazing thing folks.  So Zoe decides two can play this game and takes up Ruby on her offer for a blind date with Ruby's cousin to make Wade jealous.  Only Wade doesn't seem to get jealous, Zoe ends up drunk and spills the beans that Lavon got caught shoplifting to his opponent Ruby (who decided to run against Lavon for Mayor of Bluebell).  But all is well at the end when Zoe asks Wade if they can be casually monogamous... and she finds out the hot blonde was just dropping off tile.  So Zoe and Wade have taken the next step... kind of.  They are absolutely adorable!  Meanwhile, Lemon thought she was pregnant, hence, the stolen pregnancy test that Lavon covered up for.  But then it turns out she isn't (PHEW).  Lavon tells Lemon they are officially friends and hired her to run his campaign.  Meanwhile, George manages to break it off with girl he wasn't really into in the first place.  Wooooo.... another great episode of the Hart of Dixie.  ♥♥♥  So what do you think is going to happen next is Lavon going to fall for Lemon or Ruby?

The Curve ♥ Halloween Greek Goddess

What better excuse to get all dressed up then for Halloween?  I was thinking Cleopatra, but I didn't like the Cleopatra head dress and I didn't want to spend a lot of money.  I found a fabulous greek goddess head dress and I already had the perfect cream dress.  Presto!  Halloween costume :)
♥ Greek Goddess head dress from Spirit Halloween $9.99
♥ Silver Sparkle Shrug from Torrid (already had it in my closet)
Cream Dress from Torrid (already had it in my closet)
♥ Long pearl necklace from Macys
Gladiator Style Sandals by Steve Madden
♥ Ardell Feather Eyelashes $5.99 

My friend Christine went as a sparkly GI Jane.  We coordinated green eye make up telepathically.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guest Blogging ♥

It's over at

Be sure to check out my guest blog today:

Accessorize Me ♥ Barbie makes good face!

The moment I saw this ring I knew I had to order it.  There was no question.

And I absolutely love it!  I thought the face would be plastic and I would have have be okay with this, but it's actually ceramic (or something similar) and good quality.  It comes in an adorable box (perfect for the holiday gift season or a little present for yourself.  You know how nobody ever buys you what you really want...)  It's $16 and available at Barbie Collector's website.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Accessorize Me ♥

My friend Sarah created this fabulous little dino necklace.  He is painted a pretty silver color and hangs on a necklace with silver wire

Worker Bee Mondays ♥ Tips & Tricks

“Change is scary but almost all change is good.”
--Kate White, former editor-in-chief of Cosmpolitan
I pretty much need to tattoo this on my arm.  This is how much I don’t like change.  But I know that is something I just need to get over.  I should probably read this book!
Kate White wrote the book “I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This.”  She was the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan for 14 years.  The book is described as filled with pearls of career wisdom on how to get ahead.  I think I will be ordering this on Amazon soon… and of course I’ll let you know what I think.
One interesting tip from this article is that “Meetings are always better smaller.  I would never do a meeting with more than six people.  You get more done and there’s more energy in the room.”  I know the bigger meetings that I have been a part of have been less productive and purely about getting information across to a large group.  It makes sense that a smaller meeting is going to get everyone involved.
“Everything good comes from networking.”  This is one I know is true.  Networking is something we all need to be constantly working on… it’s never too late to start.
Another great idea from the book is doing one career-related thing a week.  I have already started to try and set aside a bit of time to focus on career and actually schedule it in.  How did I ever expect to make in progress if I’m never leaving myself anytime for career work?  So I definitely think this a GREAT idea.

“Never give up on yourself, especially when you face rejection,” Maia Belay said. “The only time you’ve lost completely is when you stop believing in yourself.”
This is most certainly easier said than done, but it’s good advice nonetheless from a recent graduate who was able land an on-air broadcast journalism job less than a year after her graduation.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello ♥

It was a busy weekend!  I had 2 bazaars... one on Friday and another one Saturday.  :)  I'm super excited for next weekend off, but after that it's back2back bazaars for the Holiday season and it's going to be most excellent.
Holiday Bazaar
November 3
9 am - 4 pm
Lents Masonic Lodge
5811 SE 92nd Ave
Portland OR

Artisans in the Grove Holiday Market
November 7
4 – 8 pm
2019 Main Street
Forest Grove OR

First Annual Cozy Christmas Bazaar
November 10
10 am – 4 pm
Barberton Grange
9400 NE 72nd Ave
Vancouver WA 98665

13th Annual Tobias Holiday Bazaar
November 17
9 am – 4 pm
1065 SW 206th Ave.
Aloha OR 97006

Fort Vancouver Holiday Bazaar
November 24
9 am – 4 pm
Fort Vancouver Holiday Bazaar
5700 E 18th St
Vancouver WA 98661

Oaks Hills Holiday Bazaar
November 30 and December 1
10 am – 5 pm
Oaks Hill Rec Center
2400 NW 153rd Ave
Beaverton OR 97006

Aloha High School Bazaar
December 8
10 am – 4 pm
17500 SW Farmington Rd
Beaverton OR 97007

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pining for ♥

This top would be perfect for my next trip to Disneyland!  It's $22.80 at Forever 21

On the Tube ♥ Love in Bluebell

It was interesting week in Bluebell and we saw some new developments in the love department on The Hart of Dixie.  Zoe and Wade continued their bickering, but Zoe met Wade’s dad who revealed that Wade talked about Zoe all the time.  Later in the show, Wade had a big moment.  It was practically poetic.  Wade told Zoe that she needed to stop thinking about the idea of her life she had in her head and consider doing what made her happy.  He also pointed out that she was the one who had chosen to stay in Bluebell instead of leave to be some fancy doctor.  It was brilliant!  At the end of the episode, Zoe chose what made her happy: Wade.  I have definitely been more and TEAM WADE as of late so this episode made me very happy.  George also went on his first date in his effort to move on.  There was a very funny scene in a restaurant with Brick.  Lemon was so upset over George moving on that she got dolled up in an attempt to win what she deemed the “breakup race,” she said whoever moves on first wins!  Lemon had a showdown with Ruby at a bar over a guy.  Lemon did win, but then she realized she wasn’t ready to move on even with a hot dentist.  At the urging of Lemon’s best friend, Lemon realizes she is resilient and determined to move forward with her life.  At the end of the episode, she ends up on Lavon’s doorstep and makes him an offer that I’m sure that he won’t refuse.  Lemon wants to manage Lavon’s campaign for Mayor and make sure he beats Ruby.  Who else sees some Lavon and Lemon drama in the future?  And a possible love connection…  what a great episode of the Hart of Dixie. ♥♥♥


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pining for ♥

I LOVE this sweatshirt.  I have a necklace that says lovely and it's one my faves!  You can't help but feel pretty in a top that says lovely!  And you are ♥♥♥  This top is $19.80 at Forever 21

Pining For ♥

This high-low top is absolutely gorgeous especially with this subtly sexy back!  It's $22.80 at Forever 21

Accessorize Me ♥

Sarah & her new Betsey Johnson purse

Monday, October 15, 2012

Your Face ♥ Latisse or something similar... does it work?

Lackluster lashes – what is a girl to do?
My lashes had been looking pretty lack luster for quite a while… I can’t be sure of the reason… stress (my guess), overall health or aging.  Who knows, but I did know that I wanted to try Latisse.  I knew a friend who started using Latisse and it worked great for her.  I also have a coworker who used to work in an esthetician office and she said she never knew someone that Latisse didn’t work for.  It takes a full four months to get full results.  I just finished my four months and it really does work!  Now I wouldn’t go in expecting the results you see on the Latisse website because somehow their lashes look amazing without mascara.  You are still going to need mascara, but your lashes will definitely grow.  Mine more than doubled in length!  It is exactly what I was looking for.  Now, they look good with mascara and I don’t have to wear fake lashes as often.  You are still going to want to use fake lashes for special occasions or when you want to get really dolled up, but for everyday your lashes will be new & improved.
Generic Latisse, you don’t say?
Latisse is quite expensive – more than $100 for a bottle that is supposed to last a month.  You can find some deals online from doctors within the USA.  My friend’s doctor also offered a special with a buy one, get one half off.  Latisse is used for cosmetic purposes, but it was originally an eye drop used for medical reasons and they noticed a side effect of longer lashes.  Now it’s marketed as Latisse which does require a prescription.  I did some research online and found the generic version you can order online from India.  Now I’m not a medical professional and I want to put out a BIG DISCLAIMER that this might not be for everyone.  It’s just something I chose to do.  And it can save you quite a bit of money.  I purchased 2 bottles of the generic version.  It cost $10 for one bottle and $11 for a bottle with an applicator brush.  The shipping is expensive, but it’s expedited shipping and it is coming from India after all.  My total bill was less than $50 for 2 bottles of the generic Lattise (which actually ended up lasting me 4+ months.  I’m still using my second bottle and it’s been been 4 and a half months.)  This is the site I used for my order.
Application tips & more
♥Less is more!  Initially, I used too much and if you get the eye drops in a place it’s not supposed to be – hair will grow there too.  This is pretty easily corrected by using less and only applying it along the top lash line.
♥Also, if you purchase Latisse you get disposable applicators for everyday.  If you are using the generic, you need to sanitize your applicator to avoid an eye infection (icky!).


Worker Bee Mondays ♥ Company Culture

"If they don't buy in, maybe they don't belong."

You need to fit the company culture.  At least that's what several CEOs say.  They want to find and keep employees that fit the company culture.  Definitely something to keep in mind when you're interviewing for your next job... you won't know if you fit the company culture if you don't even know what it is!  So study up before that next job interview.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

On the Tube ♥ Revenge

"Victoria took my mother away from me... it's time I took her daughter away from her."
So it took me a really long time to catch up on Revenge... I just made it in time for my ABC Sunday evenings.  I still don't really see the whole Daniel and Ashley relationship thing.  And Emily is just getting darker and darker.  She even lied to pretend Amanda about Jack being the father of the baby, harsh.  But I still love my Revenge, I'm just finding Emily less likeable.  I think it would be interesting if Emily gets back with Daniel... we'll see!

On the Tube ♥ Love Triangles in Dixie

The love triangle continued this past week on the Hart of Dixie!  And I can definitely see two love triangles developing.  Of course, we already have the Wade/George/Zoe love triangle.  But I can definitely see another possible love triangle in the brew between Lavon/Lemon/Ruby.  I'm sure once things heat about between Lavon and his old high school girlfriend Ruby, Lemon will get jealous and suddenly realize she really does love Lavon.  Time will tell... but in the meantime Rachel Bilson is looking absolutely adorable.  As a side note, I absolutely love Magnolia's hot pink guitar.

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