Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On the Tube ♥ Hart of Dixie Season Premiere

I am so excited for the Hart of Dixie season premiere on October 2!  I have been a fan of Rachel Bilson since The OC (loved that show).  In preparation for the Hart of Dixie season premiere, I got all caught up on the Hart of Dixie old episodes on CW's website.  I've mostly watched this show online, but I'm going to try to watch it  on TV sometimes too and show my support.  Currently, the website only has clips, but most of the time you watch full episodes which is soooo nice.  

The Hart of Dixie season premiere is on tonight at 8 pm on CW for us west coasters!  Will you be watching?  Who do you think Dr. Hart should be with George or Wade?  It seems wrong... but I'm Team Wade. Not sure why.  Probably just my bad taste in men. 

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