Monday, October 15, 2012

Your Face ♥ Latisse or something similar... does it work?

Lackluster lashes – what is a girl to do?
My lashes had been looking pretty lack luster for quite a while… I can’t be sure of the reason… stress (my guess), overall health or aging.  Who knows, but I did know that I wanted to try Latisse.  I knew a friend who started using Latisse and it worked great for her.  I also have a coworker who used to work in an esthetician office and she said she never knew someone that Latisse didn’t work for.  It takes a full four months to get full results.  I just finished my four months and it really does work!  Now I wouldn’t go in expecting the results you see on the Latisse website because somehow their lashes look amazing without mascara.  You are still going to need mascara, but your lashes will definitely grow.  Mine more than doubled in length!  It is exactly what I was looking for.  Now, they look good with mascara and I don’t have to wear fake lashes as often.  You are still going to want to use fake lashes for special occasions or when you want to get really dolled up, but for everyday your lashes will be new & improved.
Generic Latisse, you don’t say?
Latisse is quite expensive – more than $100 for a bottle that is supposed to last a month.  You can find some deals online from doctors within the USA.  My friend’s doctor also offered a special with a buy one, get one half off.  Latisse is used for cosmetic purposes, but it was originally an eye drop used for medical reasons and they noticed a side effect of longer lashes.  Now it’s marketed as Latisse which does require a prescription.  I did some research online and found the generic version you can order online from India.  Now I’m not a medical professional and I want to put out a BIG DISCLAIMER that this might not be for everyone.  It’s just something I chose to do.  And it can save you quite a bit of money.  I purchased 2 bottles of the generic version.  It cost $10 for one bottle and $11 for a bottle with an applicator brush.  The shipping is expensive, but it’s expedited shipping and it is coming from India after all.  My total bill was less than $50 for 2 bottles of the generic Lattise (which actually ended up lasting me 4+ months.  I’m still using my second bottle and it’s been been 4 and a half months.)  This is the site I used for my order.
Application tips & more
♥Less is more!  Initially, I used too much and if you get the eye drops in a place it’s not supposed to be – hair will grow there too.  This is pretty easily corrected by using less and only applying it along the top lash line.
♥Also, if you purchase Latisse you get disposable applicators for everyday.  If you are using the generic, you need to sanitize your applicator to avoid an eye infection (icky!).


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