Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spotted ♥ Carrie Underwood & Hunter Hayes on tour

I was lucky enough to see one of my very favorite country artists last night... Miss Carrie Underwood on her Blown Away tour.  And I do believe we were all blown away by her performance.  I don't know how she does it one night let alone night after night.  She has an amazing voice and doesn't hold back at her shows.  Underwood's outfits were divine and so sparkly!  The last time I saw her was during her American Idol tour and there is a huge difference with her confidence level and stage presence... she knows how to work a crowd now.  It's one of those concerts you can leave without a doubt that it was worth every penny.  Plus, her show was very reasonably priced when compared with other big names.  Hunter Hayes opened for Carrie Underwood, a great starter.  There were a lot of teenage girls in the audience who definitely appreciated it.  And I absolutely love his song "Wanted"... it was amazing to see him perform it.  I got chills!  I also love that Carrie doesn't shy away from doing her old favorites.  Jesus Take the Wheel, Temporary Home, Cowboy Casanova and Last Name... we got to hear it all.  It was such a fabulous show.  I would definitely encourage you to see the show if you get the chance.

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