Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On the Tube ♥ Keeping it casual on the Hart of Dixie

At the beginning of the episode a confident Zoe said she loved keeping things casual with Wade.  She was having fun without any strings and it was perfect.  But when Zoe saw a hot blonde heading into Wade’s apartment, Zoe quickly changed her tune.  Jealousy!  It's an amazing thing folks.  So Zoe decides two can play this game and takes up Ruby on her offer for a blind date with Ruby's cousin to make Wade jealous.  Only Wade doesn't seem to get jealous, Zoe ends up drunk and spills the beans that Lavon got caught shoplifting to his opponent Ruby (who decided to run against Lavon for Mayor of Bluebell).  But all is well at the end when Zoe asks Wade if they can be casually monogamous... and she finds out the hot blonde was just dropping off tile.  So Zoe and Wade have taken the next step... kind of.  They are absolutely adorable!  Meanwhile, Lemon thought she was pregnant, hence, the stolen pregnancy test that Lavon covered up for.  But then it turns out she isn't (PHEW).  Lavon tells Lemon they are officially friends and hired her to run his campaign.  Meanwhile, George manages to break it off with girl he wasn't really into in the first place.  Wooooo.... another great episode of the Hart of Dixie.  ♥♥♥  So what do you think is going to happen next is Lavon going to fall for Lemon or Ruby?

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