Tuesday, December 11, 2012

At the Cinema ♥ Lincoln

This movie is definitely worth seeing. It's a bit of history and quite educational.  That being said, the first part of the movie is pretty slow and boring. But once you get past the first half, the second half of the movie gets interesting. The movie is all about the 13th amendment and how Lincoln made it happen.  
It was also intriguing to see a glimpse into Lincoln's relationship with his wife Mary.  Mary struggled with the devastating loss of one of her sons Willie.  Lincoln even thought about sending Mary to a mental institution because of her issues dealing with the death of Willie. Sally Fields did an outstanding job playing Mary and had a wonderful moment keeping one of the Republicans Thaddeus Stevens in line.  
Tommy Lee Jones also did an excellent job in the role of Thaddeus Stevens.  Even though we all know what happened, it's fascinating to see how the 13th amendment was passed by the House of Representatives and how Lincoln helped shape American history. 


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