Friday, June 29, 2012

Spotted ❤ Charming Charlie

My friend Sarah had the most amazing purple rock ring which led to my discover of a new fabulous accessory store. Charming Charlie is a HUGE accessory store at the Streets of Tanasbourne. I'm sad to say it's been open since March and I had no clue. I am all about accessories do this is definitely my kind of store. It's a giant store. At least 3 times the size of other accessory stores and organized by color. Be warned--it's going to take a little while of you want to look at the entire store. It is packed to brim with relatively cheap and completely fabulous costume jewelry. It's definitely not Forever 21 cheap (I will often walk out of that store with an entire bag full of accessories for $20 something). I spent close to $40 at Charming Charlie for two rings and a bracelet. Also, keep in mind it's still cheap jewelry. I broke 2 necklaces in the store while I was trying them on. So it's not better quality even though it's not the least expensive jewelry. BUT they have selection! If you are looking for an accessory to match a particular outfit this is an awesome place to check it out. They have a big selection of rings and many of them are adjustable. They also have some unique items.

I love the jewelry with faux rocks!

And a stretchy faux rock ring... I totally copy catted my friend who got the ring in purple, which was all sold out.  This ring is a pretty indigo blue, it's not normally a color I would go for, but that's actually really nice because it's different and matches my jeans!
And this next ring was too pretty to pass up. I love the rich & dark gray color. I also like the shape and bold flower.
And sad day... the ring broke the first day I wore it, so it had to be returned.  I really liked it, but if it broke the first day it never would have lasted.

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