Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nail it ❤ Hot pink shellac

Ladies (and gentlemen I suppose if you like manis), I absolutely love shellac. It took me along time to try it out because of the cost, but now I'm a complete convert. It is so worth the extra 10 bucks. With a regular manicure, I get a chipped nail in a day or two. My last shellac manicure lasted more than 4 weeks without any chips (on the end of my nails). The most noticeable thing is the grow out as your nails get longer. It also makes your nails a lot stronger (at least while the shellac is on). My mom has the weakest nails ever and even her nails grow with the shellac. I love it. Definitely try it out if you already haven't. I have a lot of nail polish at home that is going to go to waste... But I'm totally okay with it. :) xoxo Melissa

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