Friday, June 22, 2012

Make & Take ❤ A family of owls

My old hairdresser wanted 3 owls in different sizes - small - medium - large.  It was pretty easy to make the white owl smaller, but it was more difficult to get a large and medium one.  They ended up pretty close in size.  I also ran out of the solid black eyes and JoAnn's didn't have anymore so I used the brown eyes.  I still prefer the solid black, but it's nice to have options!  I also found an great website to order the black safety eyes at a better price.  I just ordered the eyes and haven't received them yet, but the price is 1/4 of what they cost at JoAnn's even with shipping.  Check out and look under Bear Supplies/Eyes/Acrylic Eyes.  I bought the 15 mm black solid eyes in bulk to use for my owls.

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  1. I received the eyes from Crscraft and the shipping was super fast! They look good, but I still haven't used them yet.


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