Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Who says you can't go home - Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie is back!  Oh, how its been missed.  Well, at least it's been missed by me.  And I wouldn't be surprised if you missed it too, if you're anything like me.  Over the summer, Dr. Hart headed back to NYC where she made a new life.  And she found a new beau.  Plagued by visions of the residents of Bluebell, Dr. Hart returns to Bluebell to say good-bye.  Zoe had decided to not return to Bluebell but rather stay in NYC and she informed the town folk via email (Oh, Zoe).  And so the fun begins.  Will Zoe really say a final good-bye to Bluebell?
It's also quite interesting seeing how the show hid Lemon's (well, Jamie King's) pregnancy.  And Lavon's cousin has moved to town and she's already stirring up trouble! (Cue one night stand with a local lawyer)

If you missed Hart of Dixie on Monday... (I really wish they would not have moved this show to Monday.  Mondays have so many good shows, The Bachelor/Bachelorette and now I'm loving Sleepy Hollow... I hate having to pick between my favorite shows)  Luckily, you can catch this first episode of this season online here.

Happy viewing honeybees!  What do you think is in store for this season of Hart of Dixie?  Do you think Zoe will really forgive Wade?  Do you think they should be back together?  Or what about this new guy?  Is the quirky, sweet nerd just what Zoe needs?

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