Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Take this job and shove it - Hart of Dixie

Zoe starts diagnosing everyone, especially her boyfriend Joel since she isn't working.  So they hatch a plan to get Zoe back to work.  Of course it's comical and doesn't go quite as planned in true Zoe fashion.  Meanwhile, Lavon's niece is after George Tucker (major time).  And George Tucker gets stuck (literally) and Zoe has to help him out.  Lemon rebelled and had to pay her dues to the Belles.  Lavon gets Brick's help to try to woo a baseball team to Bluebell instead of a neighboring town.  The lady making the call about the baseball team knew Brick in college and has quite the crush on the local doctor.  This episode packed in a lot of funny situations!  It's nice to take a break in Bluebell and see how Zoe is settling back into life in Bluebell.

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