Thursday, October 10, 2013

A little yogurt, blogging & fun... Oh, and happy almost FRIDAY

Hey, hey, hey.  It's almost FRIDAY honeybees.  Who's excited for the weekend?  (Me.)  No better way to kick off the almost TGIF then with a little meet up with some blogging buddies Rachel (how cool is her organizing book for her blog & life?) & Warren to discuss blogging over frozen yogurt.
I also finished up a black slouchy hat for the fabulous Miss Mills.  She's going to help me take some photos for my etsy shop this weekend.  Crossfingers for some OK weather, please.  I realize I need to make more black hats, particularly black slouchy hats because they are a common request.  But do you ever crochet or knit with black yarn?  It's wayyyy trickier because it's so dark!  It's kind of hard to see.  But if it's what the market demands... yeah, I need to make more black stuff.  I also finally redeemed my coupon for a yummy snack of Sargento Cheese!  I love the colby.  I even got a little insulated sleeve for a cheese stick.  Thanks influenster!

Tomorrow is PAYDAY, yippee.  I have a Vegas trip to pay for soon.  Woot. :)


  1. I always feel inspired after a good blog sesh. Also, so ready for VEGAS!!!!}

  2. I had so much fun! We have to get together again to blog soon!!!!


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