Monday, October 28, 2013

What to Pack for Vegas

As I prepare for Warren's amazing Vegas Birthday trip, I face the question of what to pack for Vegas.  Holly, Warren and I will be jetting off to Vegas this Friday.  We'll be seeing Shania Twain, a hypnotist and who knows who else in Sin City.

But first things first, what to pack on a Vegas trip.

Step One.  Check the weather.  This is essential for including the right items in the luggage.  Currently, the forecast is high 70s to high 40s.  Quite a range, so we'll be sure to pack layers!

Step Two.  Consider events.  I'm thinking my new leopard dress for Shania Twain.  This just seems obvious.  Shania.  Leopard.  Perfection.  The hypnotist show is a bit more of a toss-up.  But I do have a black fringe top from Forever 21 that is waiting to make it's debut...

Step Three.  Consider comfort.  I will definitely be packing some comfort shoes for all that Vegas walking.  There is no need to wear heels all day ladies!  Think about those toes.  Oh, and don't forget a comfy outfit for the airplane.  But keep it cute, you never know who you might meet on the airplane.  (At least we can hope)

Step Four.  Accessorize.  Don't forget to pack coordinating goodies - earrings, rings, etc.

Step Five.  The day you leave, toss in the other essentials you can't pack until you are set to take off - toothpaste, face wash, etc.

OoO, I cannot wait for my Vegas trip.  I had a bit of disappointment this last weekend and a Vegas trip should be just the thing to cheer me up!  That and a bit of sun.

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