Monday, November 5, 2012

Worker Bee Mondays ♥ The Best Jobs of 2012

Is your job on the list of the top jobs of 2012?  Let's find out!

According to CNNMoney

Number 1 ♥ Biomedical Engineer
The deets:
♥ Median pay: $79,500

♥ Top pay: $124,000

You need a degree in biological engineering or electrical, mechanical or mechanical engineering.

It's also the highest-paid engineering job!
Number 2 ♥ Marketing Consultant
♥ Median pay: $92,100
♥ Top pay: $208,000

Marketing consultants help business owners get their products out there!
Number 3 ♥ Software Architect

♥ Median pay: $119,000
♥ Top pay: $162,000

You need a computer science or related degree and great communication skills to work with the company's tech unit and management.
Number 4 ♥ Clinical Research Associate
♥ Median pay: $90,700
♥ Top pay: $129,000

You need a degree in science, sociology or psychology and possibly a certification and then you can work with clinical trials, a growing field!
Number 5 ♥ Database Administrator
♥ Median pay: $87,200
♥ Top pay: $122,000

The database administrator is in charge of keeping a company's information accessible and safe.
Number 6 ♥ Financial Adviser
♥ Median pay: $90,200
♥ Top pay: $206,000

It's easier to get hired with a CPA, CFP or CFA and you can help people handle their finances.
Number 7 ♥ Market Research Analyst
♥ Median pay: $63,100
♥ Top pay: $97,700

This is a great job for someone who likes numbers and wants to get inside the consumer mind to track what they want!  There can be long hours, but there are going to be lots more jobs in this area!
Number 8 ♥ Physical Therapist
♥ Median pay: $76,7000
♥ Top pay: $99,000

You need a doctoral degree in physical therapy, but don't worry it only takes three years to get it!  
Number 9 ♥ Software Developer
♥ Median pay: $84,200
♥ Top pay: $121,000

You need a degree in computer science and to stay on top of the latest information in the field.
Number 10 ♥ Occupational Therapist
♥ Median pay: $74,900
♥ Top pay: $102,000

You need a master's degree in occupational therapy and a license.  You help people learn to perform everyday tasks on their own.

To read the full article and more details on each job, click here

My favorite is the Marketing Consultant because I think it's a job I could do and it would be so much fun!  Is there a job on this list that you like?  Or do you already work one and think it's one the best jobs of 2012?

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