Friday, November 9, 2012

News to Use ♥ Luxury Make Up Products Worth the Price Tag

I'm a girl who loves a good deal... who doesn't?  But I also know you can spend so much money on product after product and it would have been cheaper and you would have been happier to just splurge on a product that actually works.

Well Allure magazine has made the call on the beauty products they say are worth the price!

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara - $30
It's a best of beauty winner because it doesn't clump or flake and delivers full almost fake-looking lashes.  (I do want to try this... I love FAKE eyelashes :)

Clé de Peau Beauté Lip Gloss - $48
This smooth lip gloss is not sticky and has a burst of lasting color according to Allure.  ($48?  No way.  I don't care how amazing this lip gloss is)

Prady Candy Scrub - $75
A scrub that is grainy enough to buff away rough patches, but doesn't feel scratchy.  (I guess we are just figuring out here that I do have limits.  $75 on a scrub?  Not gonna happen either.  But it does come in a pretty pink jar.)

Edward Bess Quad Royale - $45
This four powder quad can be used anywhere to give a natural sun-kissed look.  (I would probably like this... but I'm not dying to try it.)

Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Creme de Luxe - $200
Allure says this anti-aging cream has "mighty arsenal of ingredients to battle a range of skin foes."  (EEEEKK $200?  I can't ever get wrinkles! OK, I already have a few, but I can't get anymore.)

La Prairie Cellular Lip Renewal Concentrate - $105
This lip treatment exfoliates and hydrates the lips and a tiny drop makes lips softer and naturally pinker.  (This actually sounds pretty amazing... but woooo $105.)

Leonor Greyl Shampooing Reviviscence - $65
Allure says, "This transformative shampoo justifies its price tag by bringing brittle hair back to life with just one wash."  (I probably need this...)

Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil - $150
Make-up artists use a couple drops to add a dewy sheen to clients faces.  (I can't imagine using oil on this face, but I think it's because of my constant battle with acne that has been going on pretty much forever.)

Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 30 PA++ - $129
It's a lightweight anti-aging sunscreen with a fruity scent.  (I do like things that smell nice... :)

Sachajuan Volume Powder - $32
A great dry shampoo?  (Well Suave works OK for me and it's only $3... so)

Clarisonic Aria - $199
This is an electric facial cleansing brush recommended by dermatologists.  (I'm definitely intrigued and Allure says they had radiant glowing skin after a couple weeks of use...)

If you want to read more about these products and why Allure choose them as worth their price tag, click her to see the full article

Does anyone use these products?  What do you think, worth the splurge?

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