Friday, November 16, 2012

Pining for ♥ Lucky Jeans

I was doing a little Christmas shopping at Macy's and I discovered they now carry Lucky Brand plus size jeans.  This is a first!  I tried on a pair of the boot style jeans and I loved them.  They retail for $118.  I know fit is is unique for each and every person, but the jeans fit me very well and were super flattering!  Definitely something to check out :)

Also, Macy's has Hydraulic jeans back in stock.  This has been my go-to brand recently and I'm so glad Macy's is carrying the jeans again.  For some reason, they did stop carrying the jeans for a while, but they are back and in a rainbow of colors right now!  I did resist and did not purchase any new jeans yet, but it's good to know they are close-by when I need a pair. :)

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