Friday, November 2, 2012

Make it Up ♥ Lauren Conrad's Cat Eyes

Lauren Conrad's Cat Eyes... or at least my attempt :)
I'm really not used to wearing so little eye make up!  It felt very natural to me with such a thin line of liquid eyeliner and no eyeliner on the bottom.  Lauren Conrad has a wonderful tutorial on her famous cat eyes in her Style book.  Basically, you draw a thin line of black eyeliner across you top lid and end exactly in the corner.  Then you draw a short line from the corner of your eye upwards (in line with the end of your eyebrow seemed to be a good marker for me).  Then you smooth the corner out with a small swoop stroke connecting the line by your lash line to the one you drew upwards.  I used Urban Decay's black liquid eyeliner which does work wonders better the one I tried from a drug store, but you pay for it.  $19 to be exact.  Do you do cat eyes?

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