Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Make It Up ♥ Circle RX

Physicans Formula Circle RX concealer

This is the latest drug store concealer I purchased.  I chose it because it is supposed to visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles.  After 2 weeks, there is supposed to be a 70% dark circle reduction and after 4 weeks, there is supposed to be a 90% dark circle reduction.  Unfortunately, the applicator pretty much ruins it for me.  It's like a pen that you squish for concealer to come out, but it's really easy for way too much concealer to blob out.  I got to do the Kim Kardashian contouring where you use concealer all over under you eye and cheek to add more light because so much came out the first couple times.  And a bad applicator is enough to make me not want to use the product.  I don't love the consistency of the product and I haven't noticed the dramatic reduction in my dark circles.

♥=looks fancy, but it’s a good illusion

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