Saturday, September 22, 2012

You have a lot of choices in Vegas so I would recommend to pick another one.

Travelers Beware


I'm just sounding off about Mandalay Bay... we stayed in August and I have been appalled by the terrible customer service we have received.

Hands down the worst customer service ever!  On my first stay, they put us in the wrong room.  When we were moved to the second room it was not cleaned.  There was hair in the bed!!!  They clearly did not change the sheets before the next guest.  Also, the bathroom had hair in the sink where some had shaved and they didn't clean that either.  GROSS.

My second stay was even worse.  I requested an ADA room for my mother who has mobility problems.  We were not given an ADA room.  The bathroom floor is very slick and she slipped and fell and hit her head and back.  She still is sore more than a month later and the hotel has not done anything!  I have contacted multiple people multiple times and they are completely unhelpful.  A little bit of good will and customer service would have gone a long way, but Mandalay Bay had done absolutely nothing!

You have a lot of choices in Vegas so I would recommend to pick another one.  The location isn't great, it's on the end of the strip far away from everything.  It's a pretty hotel, but it's definitely not worth the AWFUL customer service.  I'm writing this review because I'm so frustrated at the horrible customer service from Mandalay Bay.  It's a luxury hotel, but don't expect good service.  Stay somewhere else!

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