Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spotted in LA ♥ TMZ tour

We are mean nice
(TMZ according to the tour guide, if you have ever watched the show this will make you lol)
The TMZ tour in hollywood was so much fun. It takes you to the see the hollywood hot spots.  I got to see Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills and the Ivy.  I was so surprised... the Ivy is tiny!!!  I always see celeb photos having lunch at the Ivy and I imagined it to be a grand big place from all the photos.  In actuality, it's just a tiny cafe restaurant.  (So tiny I guess that I didn't actually get a photo... snaps)
The TMZ tour was led by a tour guide who is actually on the TMZ TV show, which is pretty cool.  I don't watch enough to recognize her, but she was hilarious.  AND I won a TMZ tee for answering a question right on the bus (see above).
*MR CHOW* where the celebs dine

and of course Kitson where celebs shop!

We were on a celebrity safari
But unfortunately we didn't actually spot any.  For celeb spotting, a later tour would be advised we did an earlier tour because we had lot of things to do! :)

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