Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spotted ♥ Pink Rose is not very sweet

I went to Pink Rose in Portland this evening.  I think it's supposed to be a trendy/cute bar and lounge.  The set up was a little cute, but the food and service were very lackluster.  We did have a big group (by the way, they don't split checks - good thing I brought cash and they add a 20% tip for large groups).  I ordered the Stuffed Mushrooms ($6 for three halves was ridiculous and I didn't even eat an entire one because they were so spicy and just generally un-tasty).  I will say the Shaved Cabbage salad was delicious and I probably would have been happy if I just got the full size salad.  Also, one person in our party waited an hour to get his chicken sandwich.  I guess large groups are tricky... but still... Here is a photo of my less than impressive mushrooms.

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