Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spotted ♥ X Factor's First Night

"I normally don't watch singing shows, but x factor is goooooood."  This was the quote from my coworker who texted me after watching the show.  He, of course, knew I would be watching.

It was the first night of X Factor with the new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato.  It definitely added a lot of spark and interest with the new judges.  I was really bummed they got rid of Paula Abdul, but I can definitely see how the new personalities add a lot to the show. The show just needed the judges to have more personality and Nicole Scherzinger certainly wasn't bringing it.  (I personally think Paula is all personality, but I'll let it go...)

Okay, so my friend Warren and I went to the X Factor try outs in San Francisco and while I sadly did not see our little faces in the crowds outdoors I did see someone I recognized...

Wedding Dress Guy!!!

He was right beside us in line during the X Factor try outs.  And I have been waiting for quite a while to see someone at the tryouts make it on the show.  I honestly DID NOT think it would be him.  But lesson learned, it's all about the outfit folks!

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