Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Your Face ❤ Grow those lashes!

So I'm really excited!  I've been using Latisse (well, actually the generic version from India... but that's another story, girl's gotta pay the bills).  I started using it at the end of May.  I'm a little farther than half way through the growth period (it takes 4 months for full results).  And I have to say I'm super excited! My lashes have grown to at least double their original length!  I still have a month an half left to see how long they are going to get.  It's still no replacement for fake lashes when you're getting dolled up, but it definitely makes a difference for your everyday look.  I'll be doing another report at the end of my 4 months.  Have you used Latisse?  What did you think?

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