Saturday, August 4, 2012

Spotted ❤ Taylor Hicks rocks Vegas

Go to Vegas.  Go to Taylor Hicks' show!  It was AWESOME.  He can SING and he did.  It's at the Indigo Lounge at Bally's.  It is a steal at $30 for general admission or you can upgrade to VIP and sit in the very front and get a framed photo with Taylor.  I took my madre for a belated birthday present.  We did general admission (but they seat you based on your spot in line).  We were in line at 5:45 pm and were the first people through the door!  We got great seats front and center (right behind the VIP section and we still had a great view).  It's funny because I've paid a lot of money to see other singers (for example a ridiculous sum to see Britney Spears who put on a good show... dancers/lights/costumes, but can't sing like Taylor Hicks).  Also, a plus ANY seat in the Indigo would be great.  It's a very intimate venue and you can actually see the artist.  My second tip is stay after to get an autograph and a PHOTO.  :)  You do have to purchase a Taylor Hicks item to get an autograph, but this is typical and I got a cute t-shirt that is super soft.  And you also get to take a photo with the American Idol winner.  SCORE.  Honestly, this night made my Vegas trip!  He is only going to be in Vegas for a few more weeks... so it's not too late to make a weekend of it.

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  1. Woot! Looks like you had fun. Plus congrats on the 3000 page views!


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