Sunday, August 12, 2012

Make it up ❤ Make up in 5 mins?

I'm pretty fast at putting on make-up (well, at least I can be... I can also take forever to do a full going out face).  This article gives you 6 steps to do your make up in under 5 minutes!  I feel like I need to try it out sometime and see if I can really do it.

1. Sheer foundation to even out
2. Concealer (bye bye dark circles)
3. Highlighter (I'm surprised they put this in a 5 minute make up article... I don't use highlighter on a daily basis, but it certainly has a good effect)
4. Liner (YES! This is a must)
5. Mascara
6. Blush (I think you could also go with bronzer)

Can you do your make up in under 5 minutes?

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