Friday, August 16, 2013

Metal necklaces, crocheting & sweets

Fellow blogger Rachel clued me in to some awesome craft classes at Collage.  I did the $10 Tuesday class and created 2 gorgeous necklaces -- one in silver and the other in copper.  It was super fun and I would highly recommend checking out Collage's class schedule.  They have a lot of reasonably priced classes and we all know crafting is good for the soul.

The materials

Wearing my hammered metal necklace 

I've been pretty crafty recently.  I'm getting ready for holiday bazaar season because this year I'm doing America's Largest Christmas Bazaar at the Expo Center.  It's my first really BIG bazaar and I'm pretty excited (maybe slightly freaked out...I have a lot to get done before then).

Cute crochet cupcake

And it's a little cupcake scarf!  LOVE.  This thing is seriously adorable.  You can get one for fall in my etsy shop.

Wooden buttons for crochet headbands!

Sometimes a little girl time & chocolate is all you need.  Julie and I hit up Moonstruck Chocolate.  I got the most amazing PB chocolate shake.  I'm sure it has about a zillion calories, but it was delish.

Sticking with the drink theme...
We have the new sparkling water at work, I'm pretty much obsessed!  So yummy (and supposedly good for you, no calories baby and lots of "good" stuff)
 Southwest theme card class (string art... I have to admit I was a natural)
 A resin mermaid ring, finally starting doing some resin again (bazaar prep - check)
It's been way too long since we had a furball friday, but this little pug is the perfect pup to bring them back!

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