Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Julie

It was Julie's Birthday so we went out to celebrate at the Portland City Grill.  And we go to see Warren's turquoise hair in person!  Manic panic dye, in case anyone wants to follow his blue footsteps.

I just love a whole lotta black and a long maxi dress!

At Portland City Grill's happy hour, I tried the spring rolls. WARNING.  These are not the crispy fried spring rolls you might expect.  They are healthy spring rolls a lot more like salad rolls.  But they were super yummy, just don't expect the run-of-the-mill spring rolls when ordering from Portland City Grill.  And the Crème brûlée was divine!

I made Julie a resin pendant with a picture from her wedding.  The perfect way to use my resin skills.  (I've been making lots of pendants for my bazaars!  100 to be exact, although, a number of those have been faulty... resin can be a little tricky!)
I hope you have a great Saturday and wonderful weekend.  What are you up to this weekend?  I'm going to the beach beach (cue Nicki Minaj music).  It's going to be interesting because there's a huge race here and all these hood-to-coast runners are going to be running to the coast so I'm going to go out the way to avoid that traffic.  Hopefully, I'm successful. :)  And I better get going... I would just rather sleep in for a couple more hours, but I have a 3 hour drive ahead of me :/

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