Thursday, May 30, 2013

TGIF (tomorrow) at least

So wow, I know Monday was Memorial Day and most people had the day off (minus Warren and I chose to work because I'm saving up my PTO for some fabulous vacations)... so this really should feel like a short week... I don't know about y'all but including today... it's seemed quite looooong.
But the good news is that tomorrow is Friday.  Congratulations... you made it to another weekend!!! :)  So how are you going to celebrate?
I fully intend to see Will Smith's new movie After Earth.  I'm a pretty big Will Smith fan and try to push all of the really tacky rumors about Will Smith to the back of my mind because I just don't want to believe they are true... even though... I think they are probably true.  I even had a friend who had a friend who worked for the Smith's family publicist who confirmed the loving family thing is all a show and they are so difficult to even get to appear together at all.  A little depressing, right?  BUT this will not ruin the new sci-fi movie for me.  (BTW, I love how Will Smith does so many sci-fi films.  I'm not even this huge sci-fi person, but I always LOVE his. swoon)  And After Earth also has Jaden Smith in it!  Even better, it's a family affair.  (Is the reason I'm not famous because I don't have a celebrity parent??? I KNEW IT.  I blame my parents.  100%.  But technically I guess I would not have been born IF it wasn't to my at least semi-awesome non-famous parents... so I'll take it.  I mean, I would definitely rather have been born.  And otherwise I would not have this AMAZING blog.... hahaha.  I'm laughing too.)
So who else is seeing After Earth this weekend?

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