Friday, May 31, 2013

At the Cinema ❤ After Earth

Well, it's date night.  And I had a date.  I had a date with Will Smith.  And his son Jaden Smith?  That's kind of gross.
We all went to the movies to see After Earth, Will Smith's latest sci-fi film.  And it was a GREAT way to spend a Friday night.  I got there super early to beat the crowds.  Umm, there weren't really crowds, but I got the best seat in the house.  I attribute this to the fact that today was actually gorgeous and although you would think this would be a normal occurrence in June.... well, I live in Oregon and it's been gray and raining as of late.  So I'm really hoping everyone is not going to see After Earth because I heard there are some bad reviews out there because I think we should all support Will Smith because he is one of my favorite actors.

So the skinny...
Was it Will Smith's best movie?  No.  Was Jaden Smith amazing?  No.  Were the accents a little weird?  Yes.  But was it a fun entertaining movie?  Heck yes!!!  Should you see it even though it wasn't perfect?  Yes.
The Basics?
A famous warrior Dad (Smith) has a strained relationship with his son who wants to be just like his Dad.  They crash land on Earth, no longer inhabitable by humans where everything has evolved to kill humans.  Will they make it out alive?
So tell me did you see After Earth?  What did you think?

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