Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Red Box It ❤ Promised Land

Well to start Matt Damon is in this movie and I think that's pretty much a good enough reason to watch this movie.  The plot line also intrigued me.
The Basics?
An up and coming business exec (Damon) comes to buy out a small town, not unlike the small town he grew up in.  This is what he does.  He comes into small towns, representing Global and leases all the land for natural gas production.  He's done it time and time again, why would this little town be any different?  But for some reason it is.  And we get to see what happens.
I feel like I hit the Red Box lottery this weekend.  I watched this movie Promised Land and Playing for Keeps and they were both excellent movies.  They have a little depth, especially Promised Land.  There is a lesson to be learned and a story to be told.  Promised Land is definitely a great deal at the Red Box.
Have you seen Promised Land?  What did you think?

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