Sunday, September 1, 2013

The end of summer

I guess technically summer doesn't end until September 21, but my guess is that it might come a little sooner here in Oregon... I guess we'll see soon.

Warren and I spent a relaxing day at the river.  It's like a beach and a river and it's nice and close to PDX at Reeder Beach at Sauvie Island.  You have to pay $7 for a parking pass.  You can just stop at the general store once you cross the bridge onto the island.  It's well worth it to spend a day at a beach (there's sand) where you can lay out or relax in the river.  Be sure to bring a floaty!

Also, I finally got the best tan of summer! :)  And just in the nick of time, right?  I'm proud of those tan lines!  And with Instagram, it's even more dramatic!  Instagram just makes everything look soooo much better.  What would we do without filters?
How are you spending your Labor Day weekend?  Whatever you're doing, I hope you enjoy and get plenty of R&R.  Oh, and drink your H2O!  I didn't do enough of that this morning and I was getting light headed (no bueno).  So my new goal is to drink more H2O,  a lot more!  And sleep... I need more of that too. :)
A big crochet bow
(I ended up making this into a headband)
And a cute puppy photo is always in style


  1. We must have missed my shoulders while spraying. The tops are completely burnt. Lol


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