Tuesday, April 16, 2013

On the Tube ♥ Hart of Dixie: The Kiss

Zoe has a dream about George driving 6 hours to pick her up a copy of The New York Times.  Who says chivalry is dead?  (I guess not in dreams at least?)
Then Zoe and George end up cast as Romeo & Juliet after Tansy gets laryngitis.
Is it just me or do they wear a lot of costumes on Hart of Dixie?  Oh, well I like it!
George and Zoe both try to avoid the kiss in Romeo & Juliet, but Tansy insists George kiss Zoe to show that he doesn't still have feelings for Zoe.  (Ahhhh, girl logic--you've got to love it!)
Lavon and Annabeth are pretty cute as a couple!

At the end of the episode, Zoe says she is totally over George even though it's clearly not true.  And next week's preview: Brick has a tumor! (Boo)

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