Sunday, April 15, 2012


Lauren Conrad & The Fame Game 


The lovely Miss Conrad made a stop in Portland to promote her latest book.  The novel is a fictional take on Hollywood and reality TV, a topic she is quite familiar with.  The event was fabulous.  It was well-organized.  You had to purchase Lauren's latest book to get it signed.  You received a wristband which saved your spot in line to get it signed.

My friends and Lauren Conrad fans all joined in for the event!  Warren, Holly & Julie... I appreciate that I have friends that will do this kind of thing with me. :)

This was the line to get the book signed!  I was actually surprised it wasn't longer.  However, it was a good thing because she was only signing books for a couple of hours and while I anticipated more people, it's a good thing there wasn't because everyone would not have gotten their book signed.  There were at least 300 people there because we were in the 250s and there were probably another 100 people behind us.

This was the ONLY photo I was able to get of Lauren Conrad at the event.  You could take photos from the line, but since there were constantly people in line - you couldn't actually see her to take a photo from line and when you went up to table to get your book signed you couldn't take photos.  LAME!  This was my main disappointment, although I wasn't surprised.  I snapped this photo on my phone when we were walking away, but you weren't even supposed to do that and her security person came to tell us to move after I took it.

However, Lauren herself was a doll!  (As my friend, Julie told her.  Although, Lauren was a little confused... it was a total compliment.)  She was so petite.  I am always surprised how tiny celebrities are in person.  She was tiny, but looked flawless and gorgeous!  She was wearing a cute little dress and her signature winged liquid eyeliner. 

And of course, the final result, my signed copy of The Fame Game!

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