Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Main Attraction

Super long feathers ❤

I spotted a bartender with amazing long feather earrings and then I was on the hunt.  The length of the feathers creates an illusion that my hair is a lot longer.  A couple of people even thought I got hair extensions.  Plus, long earrings elongate your neck and make you face look slimmer (which is never a bad thing).  After searching online, I found Etsy has the best selection of super long feather earrings.  This is the pair I purchased from Wildspirits.

They are colorful and fabulously long!  And LIGHT.  I will only wear light earrings.  I don't like anything that pulls down on my earlobes.  I have irrational fear of saggy earlobes and try to avoid anything that could cause them (plus, I'm a wimp).  But I love BIG earrings.  Feathers are the perfect solution.  They are light on weight, but heavy on style.  My main complaint is that the earrings always flip so the back of the earrings are showing not the front.  This is a common problem with all my feather earrings.  Luckily, this pair still looks pretty on the back.  However, it just looks like a super long blue feather and you can't see all the pretty little feathers at the top.  I actually really want to start to make my own super long feather earrings that are double-sided, which would fix this problem.  

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