Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spotted ❤ An urban birthday

We dined at Urban Fondue for my madre's birthday!  I had never done the full meal fondue thing (you know where you even cook the meat) and it was was AMAZING.  We got the fondue experience.  You start with delicious cheese fondue (we got the smoked cheddar--you can always get a great deal on this during happy hour at Bartini that is right next door).  Next you get an entree.  We did the Urban Fondue for 2 which I highly recommend because you get to pretty try much everything... and I did.  And it was a good thing because I was planning on the steak and lobster.... AND I realized I don't really like my steak boiled.  I definitely like my steak grilled!  I only had one small bite of the steak.  But I love the lobster.  It was so delicious!  I was actually a big fan of all the seafood (scallops are never my fave, but they are pretty good with the delicious dipping sauces).  I think this may have to do with the fact that you are basically boiling your meat in the fondue pot.  So ie seafood tastes much better boiled than other meats (personally).  You also get to pick the kind of "cooking style" for your meat.  We picked the roasted beef, which was soooo yummy!  They gave us some veggies that were absolutely delicious in the roasted beef stock.  And the dipping sauces pretty much make the whole thing.  We had the grilled asparagus as our side (which is included)--so yum and also available at Bartini happy hour.  Then to finish, it was chocolate butterscotch fondue (mom's choice)... you couldn't really taste the butterscotch, I thought I did once, but it could have just been in my head.  But the chocolate was so good, I didn't really miss the butterscotch at all!  It was most definitely a fabulous birthday dinner.  :)  (But no singing happy birthdays... if you're into that)

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