Sunday, March 17, 2013

On the Tube ♥ We are Never Ever Getting Back Together

I love how hilarious and over exaggerated everything is on Hart of Dixie.  The opening scene of this episode is the perfect example and it's played perfectly by Rachel Bilson.  She is just adorable!  Her room is strewn with empty ice cream containers and littered with candy.  It's awesome.
A friend even gives Zoe a pin cushion Wade.  Zoe ripped Wade's head off.  Hilarious!  Even though I am completely bummed about Zoe & Wade, it's so funny seeing Zoe go through a breakup.  She is sad, then angry... and all so Zoe while doing so.  In the end, Zoe lets Wade know that while she doesn't like him, she doesn't hate him.  And it looks like Zoe will be hooking up with a hot new doctor in town next...

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